Monday, January 21, 2013

Video Games Going Indie

The video game market is clearly in a time of transition. While the industry has traditionally relied on the development of major blockbuster titles for the big selling consoles (Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), declining hardware sales and the rise of free-to-play software is opening up the market to a new generation of small, independent mobile-game developers. As internet connectivity has become ubiquitous, the former barriers to industry entry are falling and there are more opportunities available to developers than ever before. At this year's international Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, more than half of attendees identified themselves as indie developers and their next creations will be for smartphones and tablets.

Pong to Present

Independent video games are just about as old as video games themselves. One of the first video games, Pong, was created by one individual working for Atari, and though that company became a large corporation, today's indie developers are often similarly solitary creators who sacrifice money, health and sanity to share their visions with the world. One of the biggest developments has come from distribution access. The advent of personal computers first permitted programmers to store, copy and redistribute games using floppy disks, leading to the concept of "shareware", games that could be played for free with certain restrictions.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Astrology And Horoscope Readings

Astrology readings are based on the principle that there is a connection between the human world and the events that take place in that world to the astronomical phenomena that occurs. Horoscopes and predictions through these horoscopes are all part of astrology readings.

Horoscopes and astrology readings are based on the fact that the birth sign you are born under determines certain characteristics you will have in your personality and behaviors. The psychics that perform these readings can take the month and year of your birth and reveal to you things that you thought were unique unto you. Your personality traits will be surprisingly similar to all the personality traits of all of the people who are born under the same astrological sign.

These readers can tell you what people you should never become romantically involved with. Some people are naturally going to fight and be unhappy as a couple just because the two of them were born under birth signs that do not complement each other. There is nothing you can do to change this fact.