Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Quickly Check Your Zodiac Traits

There are a number of components in your birth chart that can determine what your Zodiac Traits will show. These character traits are primarily based on solar signs and may give you an insight into your character. Each zodiac sign has a particular personality trait and as you read into any publication, you'll discover how these Zodiac Traits relate with reference to relationships and emotions towards family and friends. Individuals usually either believe or they don't, nonetheless for those that have come to know the meaning of Zodiac Traits and the way they relate to their specific zodiac sign have enjoyed some kind of enlightenment in their life.

Individuals in general, do find themselves looking at the horoscope every now and then. It could be for love or a number of different reasons. However the biggest reason could be hope. Hope for the future. Knowing what's around the corner is the greatest unknown in the world. If there wasn't any hope on the planet where would we be? Having a belief is where many things are derived and Astrology isn't any different. Some individuals believe and some don't and that has always been the difference. One could say it is the dividing line between happiness and sorrow when it comes to zodiac traits and their solar signs.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Taste And Future, All In A Cup Of Coffee

Is Turkish Coffee only loved for rich taste, smooth texture and aroma? Your last sip of coffee can unveil your future. Yes!, your experience of having a Turkish coffee does not end at its taste, texture and aroma, but the patterns formed in the cup with the brewed coffee are used for reading the future and hence is popularly known as Coffee Cup Reading. The connection of coffee with future interpretation may sound strange, but it is worldwide famous as tasseomancy, tasseography, or tassology.

This fortune telling practice adds an adventure that continues even after the last sip. Turkish Coffee is very different from the other coffees. These are grounded and boiled and also allows your future to be unveiled with the patterns so formed in the cup after the last sip. Here is the simple secret of coffee cup reading revealed that will add a continued adventure with the last sip. Follow these simple steps and get your future predictions done, all with a smooth taste and aroma of Turkish Coffee.

The Month of Taurus, 2013

The Zodiac Month Ahead The Spiritual Soil of Our Soul

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies from 19 April to 20 May.

A Meditation for Taurus

"Taurus is actually the very "soil" of the soul. It is a soil that is rough, raw, and often rude, and it must be redeemed. This regeneration invariably takes place through physical forces inherent in earthly wealth, money, property, and all things included in the economic life. Especially, the way the metabolism of the body operates, creating a state of well-being as a result of the food taken in, contributing to health and generating the forces required to resist disease, is Taurean in its nature.

 Of all the fixed signs, Taurus is the most retentive, the life-force being held by matter more securely that in other signs. For Taurus demands that we make the earthly forces amenable for the spiritual, and that we use all things on the earth for the sake of the Spirit and be obedient to the higher man. This balance of the earthly and spiritual ensures progress." ~John Jocelyn