Monday, February 11, 2013

The Month of Taurus, 2013

The Zodiac Month Ahead The Spiritual Soil of Our Soul

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies from 19 April to 20 May.

A Meditation for Taurus

"Taurus is actually the very "soil" of the soul. It is a soil that is rough, raw, and often rude, and it must be redeemed. This regeneration invariably takes place through physical forces inherent in earthly wealth, money, property, and all things included in the economic life. Especially, the way the metabolism of the body operates, creating a state of well-being as a result of the food taken in, contributing to health and generating the forces required to resist disease, is Taurean in its nature.

 Of all the fixed signs, Taurus is the most retentive, the life-force being held by matter more securely that in other signs. For Taurus demands that we make the earthly forces amenable for the spiritual, and that we use all things on the earth for the sake of the Spirit and be obedient to the higher man. This balance of the earthly and spiritual ensures progress." ~John Jocelyn

Sun enters Taurus 19 April

Organized Signs always guarantee we will get further "fixed" into the current season that just began. With Taurus grounding us solidly in the element of earth, it is a prominent time to proclaim the roots of our life and see the spiritual presence that the foundations of them have. The Bull consciously aims to deeper understand the value behind our security, and take up in assessment of the authentic significance of it within this area of our Zodiac Pies. Welcoming the energies to establish, develop and steady what Aries ignited are the ones to hone in on, which will require the distinct Bull characteristics of patience and determination to bring them into our soul's light and manifestation.

Mars enters Taurus 20 April

Motivation to get cracking into the true sensation of Spring will not be far off as our pioneering planet Mars will be right by our Sun for this entire Zodiac Month ahead until 31 May. Aside from the inspiration that will naturally come from the Taurus slice of life, this will be packed with a powerful punch as Mars stimulates a further sense of calm, control and persevering energy to allow what is meant to become established see the light of day. Collective attitudes can find a faithful determination to respond to, and are warned to avoid headstrong or vindictive reactions. As desires at this time become earthly and may even lean towards the luxurious, it is wise to remember to not allow a lack of mobility when it comes to taking up in action. Steering clear of stolid and stagnant choices of the free will are equally favored- as patience takes the lead, the practicality of this transit prevails.

Mercury enters Taurus 01 May; Gemini 15 May

Our Messenger pioneered loads of new beginnings for our Spring within Aries, but now it is time to take up with pause with our mentalities get rooted into predictable, tactful and practical methods of expression. New information here will arrive in patient ways, being ever satisfied by intentional and established awareness verses stimulation and impulsiveness. Honing in on a conscious pace grants the enduring energy of The Bull to voice its' intuition with the innate consideration that marks these quick 15 days until our Messenger enters Gemini. Throughout 31 May, the collective can then expect to seek all kinds of versatile and inventive forms of communications to display themselves. Plenty of witty, inquisitive, and rapid perceptions fill the mental landscape for all to express their thoughts, which will require some extra focus to ground all into future endeavors for success.

Venus enters Gemini 09 May

Our lover of harmony has been right at home making peace within The Bull, but as she visits with Twins, she'll prefer some intellectual pursuits and spontaneous affections throughout 02 June. Balance can be sought in this area of the personal life through travel and exploration of new relationships. With all the good humor, youthful and sympathetic dispositions around- one will find a definite spring in their step here, allowing for growth with all they can communicate with here as well. The weeks of 15 to 31 May with both Mercury and Venus in Gemini, guarantee a tremendous boost to this area of the life- look for the dates surrounding Memorial Day to be super-charged as Jupiter conjuncts them both, offering loads of optimism and feelings of flow to be more than abundant.

New Moon in Taurus, Solar Eclipse 09 May

We'll already be feeling the fresh and sensuous feelings in Taurus long before the 9th, but as the 1st Solar Eclipse of 2013 kicks off here, be ready to welcome a stream of positive flow to unravel from this area of the life for up to an entire year. These initiations promise to plant endurance for the long-term, and will bring forth plenty of resourcefulness and contentment along with them as they patiently blossom. This will be a prominent time to truly understand the power of intention that is imagined at this time, which will grow deep roots accompanied by persistence for any determined visualization to flourish. What a precious gift from our "As Above, So Below" this Spring!

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